Favourite Australian Poems

Did you know that the name of the author of the Australian novel They're A Weird Mob, Nino Culotta, was actually a pen name for Australian writer John O'Grady, also the poet who wrote The Integrated Adjective, aka Tumba-bloody-Rumba? and that the name of the writer of Said Hanrahan, John O' Brien was also the pen name for Father Patrick Hartigan, a Catholic priest!
And while it's not really an Australian poem, The Ode of Remembrance is played in every RSL club throughout Australia every night at the going 'down of the sun'.  You can hear Jack reciting it on our The Battlefield Poems of Banjo Paterson CD.  The Ode of Remembrance is actually an exceprt from a longer poem written by Laurence Binyon called For the Fallen. Binyon was Keeper of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum 1932-3 and succeeded T.S. Eliot as the Chalres Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at harvard University in 1933.  He occasionlly dined iwth Virginia Woolf who described him in her diary on Friday June 16  as "a plethoric bolt eyed congested little man"
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