How much does shipping cost?

Within Australia

1 – 4 Australia Wide $1.80 /each CD
5 – 20 Australia Wide $current post office rate
21 CDs or more, email or call us on 02 9665 6135 for rates


1 – 4 Worldwide $8.00 /each CD
5 CDs or more, email or call us on +61 2 9665 6135 for rates

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How long will my order take to arrive?

We guarantee prompt delivery. We fill orders within 2 working days whenever possible. If we can't dispatch your order within 5 days, we will contact you so that we can make alternative arrangements or, if you prefer, give you a refund.

Please allow 5-10 days for delivery within Australia, but truly we've found that Australia Post mostly delivers the next day. We love our post office at Clovelly West, NSW.  

For international orders, please allow up to 21 days. Actual delivery time depends on a number of factors including the amount of mail the local post office has to process at the time and whether or not you live in a metropolitan area.

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Can I print the Banjo Paterson poems?

Yes. Click here or go to the Did You Know? section of the website, sub-menu For Teachers. The words to the Banjo Paterson poems are copyright free and you may use them freely.

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Can I print the Henry Lawson short stories?

Yes. Click here or go to the Did You Know? section of the website, sub-menu For Teachers. The words to the Henry Lawson stories are copyright free and you may use them freely.

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I want to change my order, how do I go about it?

Please contact us immediately

We dispatch orders as soon as possible often dispatching on the same day as the order is made. If we haven't already sent it out, it will be no trouble to change or cancel your order.

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Is shopping with Fine Poets secure?

Buying online from Fine Poets is safe and reliable. To ensure your payments are secure we use the latest available encryption technology (also known as SSL Technology).

Your credit card details are never sent by email and we will never disclose your details to anyone without your permission. If you prefer, you can use the added security provided by third party payment providers PayPal.

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Will you keep my personal details private?

Yes. We understand that your privacy is important, that's why we will never pass on your name, address or email address to anyone without your permission. The information you provide to us is kept secure and only held for the purposes it is provided, such as processing payment and dispatching your order. For more details, read our Privacy Policy.

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I am having trouble ordering, what do I do?

First check that you have "cookies" enabled on your computer. Make sure you add as a trusted site once cookies are enabled.

If you've enabled cookies and you're still having problems, just email and somehow we will help you out.  If you prefer, you can just ring us and order that way.  We'll take your order in the way that suits you best: Australian cheques, international mail orders, good old post: whatever works best for you.

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What if I want a refund or replacement?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your CD return it within 14 days for replacement or refund. Please note refunds are not available for single audio track downloads, and only one refund may be made per transaction.

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How can I access, correct or update my information?

You can always access the information and content that you provide to us. If the change to personal information impacts your membership to any Fine Poets product or services you will need to log in to your account or contact Fine Poets with your Fine Poets personal information in order to edit your registration information.

If you wish to access or modify personal information that you have provided to us, please contact us using our Contact Us page.

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How do I contact Fine Poets?

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Fine Poets via our Contact Us page.

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Does Fine Poets offer Direct Licensing for Public Performance and Transmission?

1. Our direct licensing guidelines, what are they?

These are the direct licensing guidelines of Fine Poets. You need a licence from us to use any of our sound recordings in a public place. This document  sets out the procedure to be followed when you want to use our recordings for public performance or transmission. It’s not hard, but is a legal requirement. Read on!

An alternative to licensing the sound recording directly from us is to obtain a blanket licence from the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA). If you obtain the PPCA blanket licence then you will not require a licence from us because the blanket licence gives you permission, within the terms of the licence, to play any recording from the PPCA catalogue which covers over 5,000 recording labels including our sound recordings and music videos. Go to or call PPCA on +61 2 8569 1111 to find out more.

2. Types of licences offered for sound recordings and music videos

We only provide non-exclusive licences. This means we can offer the same licences to other people. For example, if we licence your restaurant to play our sound recordings, we can also licence any other businesses (including other restaurants) that wish to play our sound recordings.  We’ll inform you of other licences in existence as best we can.

We offer licences for the following purposes:
a) transmission licences for our sound recordings. You will need a transmission licence if you intend to communicate the sound recording or music video to the public, for example by way of radio, television or the internet;
b) public performance licences for our sound recordings. You will need a public performance licence if you intend to play the sound recording in public, for example by playing a CD at your business premises or over the loudspeakers at a bush festival;

These licences are separate from any licence required in respect of the underlying copyright in the music and lyrics on the sound recording. Unless the underlying musical works are no longer protected by copyright, which is the case for most of the Fine Poets recordings you will also need to obtain permission to use the underlying musical works (including any lyrics). Permission to use musical works can be sought from the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS). These two organisations operate from the same office and have responsibility for different types of licensing. See or call 1300 852 388.

3. What is the process for direct licensing?

To enquire about directly licensing any of our sound recordings, please contact Glenys Rowe on +61 2 9665 6135 or email her at We’re easy to deal with and will endeavour to make an arrangement that works for everybody.

We will require the following information before deciding on a fee if appropriate:
a) your business name;
b) your ABN;
c) your contact details;
d) a brief description of your business (eg café, gym, radio station, arts festival, bush poetry competition);
e) an accurate estimation, to the best of your ability and in good faith, of the number of customers per month attending your business (for radio and television stations, we require an estimate of your audience numbers. For one-off events please estimate the number of people you anticipate will attend);
f) the title of each sound recording you wish to use (if you wish to use the entire album please indicate this);
g) a brief description of how you will be using the sound recording and/or music video (please keep the description under 200 words);
h) how long you require the licence (for example, is it for a one-off event or do you require it for a longer period, such as 12 months?); and

Anything else you think is relevant. If you are not a business, but just want to use one of our tracks for a party or similar, please just tell us that.

Once you have provided us with this information we will get in touch with you to discuss whether a direct licence is likely to be appropriate in the circumstances. Please be patient, we are only a small business and due to our limited resources it may take a couple of days for us to respond to your valued enquiry.

After speaking with you, we may require additional information. Once you have provided us with any additional information we require we will provide you with a quote for the licence fee. Our licence fee includes the cost of preparing the licence agreement. Licence fees vary depending on the type of use you are making of the sound recording.

If you accept our licence fee you must notify us in writing of your acceptance. We will then prepare the licence, which sets out the terms and conditions under which we grant you the licence.

We grant licences for the following periods:
a) one-off events;
b) 6 months;
c) 12 months;

We grant licences to the following types of businesses and for the following purposes. If your business type or purpose is not listed you may fit into our ‘other’ category:
a) community halls;
b) concert venues;
c) festivals;
d) music on hold;
e) restaurants and cafes;
f) schools and universities;
g) festivals.

Once you have paid the licence fee and have signed the licence agreement you are able to use the sound recording in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licence. Don’t forget to contact APRA and AMCOS to see if you also require a licence from them for the use of the musical works and lyrics. See or call APRA and AMCOS on 1300 852 388 to find out more. But phone us first. Most likely you won’t need anything other than our very simple little licence. Thank you for reading all this!

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