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Fine Poets is owned and managed by Glenys Rowe. It's a small, private publishing company dedicated to bringing the world's finest poetry to a wide audience in the most accessible way possible. Our company is based in Coogee, New South Wales, Australia but supplies to the world. Our staff are poetry and film buffs who LOVE their work and will do everything they can to ensure customers are happy with their buying experience and purchases.  We aim to provide exceptional customer service.

Our core business is the production, distribution and sales of classic and contemporary poetry on CDs and DVDs and as downloads from the Fine Poets website.

If you have any special requirements like personalised gift wrapping, autographed copies or particular delivery needs, we'll do our best to meet them. Sara, our number one giftwrapper is very creative.

For special orders, you can email us on info@finepoets.com

Ring us on 02 9665 6135 if you are in Australia.
From outside Australia, it's +61 2 9665 6135

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The People With Whom We Work

JACK THOMPSON is one of Australia’s most loved and respected actors. He has appeared in numerous Australian and American feature films including Wake In Fright, Sunday Too Far Away, Breaker Morant and The Man From Snowy River. Additional film credits include, The Sum Of Us, Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, Star Wars: Episode II, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, The Good German, December Boys and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.

His many television credits include A Woman Called Golda with Ingrid Bergman, Shadow In The Sun opposite Stephanie Powers and A Woman Of Independent Means opposite Sally Field. He also hosted the highly successful television series Find My Family on the Seven Network.

Jack is a Goodwill Ambassador for U.N.H.C.R, a founding member of the Council for the National Museum of Australia and a life member of Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Jack Thompson was awarded an A.M., “Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia”, for his services to the Australian film industry.

Born and bred in Manly, NSW, his father, John Thompson was a poet and broadcaster too. Jack went to the Northern Territory to work as a stockman when he was a teenager. It was there that he fell in love with the Australian bush and came to truly understand the poems of Banjo Paterson that he first learned as a schoolboy.

Jack is now busier than ever. He has a vibrant career as an internationally renowned actor, a pub in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, and a charity foundation that provides funds for building projects by Indigenous Australians.

Jack shares a love of the Australian bush and the Australian character with both Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson. In making a recording of their work, Jack hopes to bring these fine, whimsical creations into the lives of many others, and introduce a new generation to the wisdom, the values and the humour that form one of the foundations of the Australian character.

JACK THOMPSON: The Bush Poems of A.B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson, JACK THOMPSON: The Campfire Yarns of Henry Lawson, JACK THOMPSON: The Sentimental Bloke, The Poems of C.J. Dennis and JACK THOMPSON: The Battlefield Poems of Banjo Paterson are available from all good stores including the ABC Shop, Sanity and JB Hi-Fi or for download and direct purchase from us, click here

The Banjo Paterson CDs were recorded at Philmsound in Lindfield in Sydney by Phil Judd, Australia's most experienced sound mixer. He's worked with all the top movie directors, like Peter Weir. Chris Noonan and Phil Noyce. You can find out more about him on the Philmsound website.

The design artwork for the CD was done by Wide Open Media in Sydney. Wide Open have worked with Binnaburra Films on film posters and publicity brochures since the early 1980s. All the great movie posters were designed by Anthony Wyld. You can see more of their work on the Wide Open Media website.

Filming of the original recording session was done by cinematographer Kim Batterham, well known for his work on the landmark documentary series The First Australians, and the excerpt that appears on Youtube was edited by Scott Walmsley, a final year student at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

In the main photograph on our home page Jack is wearing the actual Akubra hat he wore for his starring role in the movie, The Man From Snowy River. The photograph was taken by James Vereker of Horse Photographics.

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About The Recordings

Jack Thompson’s reading of the Banjo poems and the Henry Lawson short stories was co-directed by Chris Noonan, director of the award winning children’s film Babe and the critically acclaimed Miss Potter. He is married to Glenys Rowe who runs Fine Poets and produced the CDs. The painting on the cover of the Banjo CD which also provides the background to the website was done by Stuart Rowe, Glenys’s artist nephew. Fine Poets is a family business.

Fine Poets intends to keep to the tradition of featuring an Australian artist's work on the cover of each CD.

Thus far we have featured the following:

The Bush Poems of Banjo Paterson features a painting by Stuart Rowe

The Campfire Yarns of Henry Lawson features a desert painting by Jenny Sages

The Battlefield Poems of Banjo Paterson features a painting of poppies by Adelaide/Cornwall artist Jeff Harris;

Favourite Australian Poems and The Sentimental Bloke, the Poems of CJ Dennis, both feature paintings by Fred Williams.

The Poems of Henry Lawson actually features a page of manuscript in Hanry Lawson's own hand.  It is his handwritten page of the poem about his birth, The Wander-Light.

Both the Jack Thompson, Live at the Gearin CD and DVD feature the fairy lit backdrop from the Live Show stage set.

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Business to Business

If you would like to order wholesale, our distributor is Madman.

Please contact the Sales and Marketing team at Madman or ring the sales hotline: +61 3 9261 9261 or email: sales@madman.com.au

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