What We Did When

What We Did in 2012

Live shows! That's what.

Following his sell out show at the Darwin Festival last year, Jack performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival on Jan 22, then at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arrts Centre on Jan 26 and the Merrigong Theatre at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre on March 31.

What We Did in 2011

We released The Poems of Henry Lawson .  In mid June, our first DVD, Jack Thompson Live at the Gearin Hotel came out, along with the CD Jack Thompson, Live At the Gearin Hotel, then the vintage recordings by the actor Leonard Teale whom some people may remember from his starring role in the TV show Homicide.  That album is called Leonard Teale: Famous Australian Poems.

What We Did in 2010

There were new releases in 2010: The Battlefield Poems of Banjo Paterson, which also included a non Paterson poem, The Ode of Remembrance, which we thought might be useful for clubs and schools on on Anzac Day.  You can immediately download it from the website for instant access. We also released Favourite Australian Poems, a compilation album with the very best of Banjo and C.J. Dennis, Song of the Drover by Henry Lawson and Said Hanrahan by John O'Brien, otherwise known as "We'll All Be Rooned"  and The Integrated Adjective, aka Tumba-bloody-Rumba by John O'Grady.

And for would be the hipsters out there, you could also get a Jack Thompson/Banjo Paterson ringtone on your iPhone!  Available from the iPhone store on your phone (not the computer one, ringtones are only on the phone) by putting Jack Thompson into the search box and voila!  your choice of four ringtones.  The Man From Ironbark works particularly well.

We'll be releasing JACK THOMPSON: The Campfire Yarns of Henry Lawson. It will be available in the second week of July. This is a limited edition release and features five short stories, The Drover's Wife; We Called Him 'Ally' For Short; Settling On The Land; The Mystery of Dave Regan and how could we leave it out? The Loaded Dog. You can pre-order the CD now from the Home Page. It will make a great Father's Day gift.

The CD Jack Thompson: The Campfire Yarns of Henry Lawson that you can purchase from this website, has a cover which is a special Limited Edition, only available from our website. The CD that you buy in the retail stores, has the same collection of stories on it, but the cover is different and has been produced in much greater numbers. The differences? The Limited Edition features a different photograph of Jack, and carries no distributor logo. The retail store version is also marked with the words Fine Poets, Volume 2. Both versions feature the painting by Jenny Sages.  We're going to feature a painting by a different contemporary Australian artist on each CD.

What We Did In 2009

Jack recorded C.J. Dennis's The Sentimental Bloke Poems for Christmas 2009 and then The Battlefield Poems of Banjo Paterson in early 2010.


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